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Donor Relationship Management



See The Fruit Of Your Fundraising Efforts 

The Home Dashboard provides the ability to view donations over time to measure how your fundraising efforts are doing. 


You can export the graphs to an image for use in presentations.

You can drill down into each graph to see detailed transaction in each month/year and/or fund.


In Depth Reports Are Just A Click Away

The reports focus on giving details about Transactions, Activities, Campaigns and Budgets.

Reports may be printed to a printer or exported to different file formats like PDF.



Online Forms and In Application

PowerYourCause includes online forms to capture donations via Pay Pal, or

Credit Card.  The online forms also include the ability to show results of a fundraising campaign and show fundraising team results - automatically updated.

In Application donations include Cash, credit Cards, Checks, Stock, and In Kind

Both methods support recurring donations

Donations also include automatic thank you emails that you can customize to give that personal touch.


Landing Pages

Create Landing Pages With Online Forms Right Here

Create landing pages within the PowerYourCause platform which can contain forms to allow sign ups, donations and give campaign results online.

These landing pages can be embedded in websites or initiated from emails you can send from PowerYourCause.



Create and Send Emails Right Here

PowerYourCause includes an email editor as part of the platform.  No need to buy an email service to send your newsletters , bulk communications, and appeals.

Marketing lists are defined within PowerYourCause as well to make it easy to send targeted emails to your prospects, donors, etc.



Capture Interactions With Your Donors and Prospects

Track interactions like meetings and phone calls with donors, prospects, corporate sponsors, volunteers, etc.

Create follow up tasks and assign them to users within your agency.

Bulk create tasks based on a marketing list.

PowerYourCause includes a MyActivities view to allow users to track what they need to do next and mark tasks complete.


At The Heart Is A CRM

Keep A 360 Degree View Of Your Donors And Prospects

PowerYourCause has a Relationship Management solution at its heart which keeps fundraising activities and fundraising results just a click away.  

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