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Donor Management that's Simple, Smart and All in One Place

No more cumbersome fundraising software. Our donor relationship management tool is
built for Non-Profit Organizations.
Manage donor relationships, marketing lists, emails, newsletters, donations,
online forms and more – All In One Place

Now in Beta
Our Story

During our careers, we have helped a number of non-profits with holding events, raising money, and managing the organization. 


It can be very time consuming to track all the information needed in order to manage these organizations. 


People desperately want to minimize all this time spent in spreadsheets and systems. 


Every minute spent in spreadsheets and systems tracking donors, campaigns is a minute not spent on helping a cause’s constituents.    

Our Vision

We want to minimize time spent in systems to free you up to do what you are impassioned to do for your constituents. 


We feel we can provide better software that is easy to use, easy to learn, and gives you the information you need to focus on your cause. 


We feel like smaller organizations are particularly feeling the pinch and we want to focus our efforts on helping these smaller organizations grow themselves to realize their visions. 


We want to provide great software, great service, at a reasonable price point to help these small organizations power their cause.

Our Solution

Cloud-based solution built on Amazon Web Services.

Donor Relationship Management database built in to track prospects, volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors, activities, campaigns, volunteer hours, pledges and donations.

Marketing List capabilities built in to build lists for targeting segments of your prospects, volunteers, and donors, and corporate sponsors.

E-mail platform built in to send newsletters, emails, thank you emails, and appeals

Braintree/PayPal integration built in to process donations

Landing pages and online forms built in to collect donations and sign up for newsletters, events, etc.

Reporting built in to monitor campaigns, grants, and other fundraising activities

Who are we

How it works


Your prospects, volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors and your interactions with them are in one place allowing you to smartly target individuals and organizations to raise awareness for your non-profit and ultimately raise funds.


Built using leading edge cloud-based technologies, PowerYourCause provides an easy to use platform that gets you up and running in no time.  We provide implementation services as part of your subscription to load your legacy data of individuals and organizations that you interact with and train you on the PowerYourCause platform.

How it works
Sign Up For Beta 2
Sign Up For Beta 2

PowerYourCause is currently in Beta.


Sign up for Beta 2



  • See anaylics for your fundraising efforts over a period of time.

  • Generate numerous reports

  • Track donations by cause and individual

  • Set-up online forms and payments

  • Create landing pages

  • Create and send emails

  • Track interactions with donors, prospects, volunteers and sponsors

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